brod-kulture-hrvatska-jadranThis summer, the Library Ship sails the Adriatic Sea, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to its interesting content for adults and children. Partner country in this cultural project is Poland.

zadar-dalmatiaZadar is one of the cities which had indeed suffered much throughout history. Built on a former Roman settlement in Dalmatia, it was attacked numerous times by the Ottoman Turks, led by Austrians and it was a part of Italy until 1943 when it was occupied by Hitler's Nazi army.

On the island of Čiovo, you can find many kinds of beaches, from sandy beaches to rocky ones, from some very popular and others totally deserted. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Čiovo is Saldun Beach located about three kilometres from the beautiful town of Trogir.

zipline-omisIt is difficult to agree with oneself and say, "Okay, I'm going to try it." Our friends also had some role in it and we persuaded. Their better half was also scared as I was, so it was a little bit easier, I'm not the only one :). The plan was to meet at 8:30 in ZipLine Omis Agency, where we arranged it all and received encouraging stories from funny and friendly team. Afterwards we sat in the van together and drove to the starting point, which is located about 8 km from Omiš. There were ten people, eight of which were terrified novice and two nice and very phlegmatic guides.


The most beautiful beach on Zadar Riviera - Sakarun, is covered with white sand with turquoise waters and dense pine forest, located on the north side of the island. It is about 800 meters long; a shoal extends to 250 meters from the shore, which is great for swimmers of all ages. Beautiful beach in the royal town of Nin is called Kraljičina plaža and the debt is about 3.5 kilometers. Shallow and clear waters make it a great family place, and there is also access for people with disabilities.

wind-surfing-croatiaIn recent times, wind surfing in Croatia becomes accessible to all who wish to catch the wave. A great number of water sports lovers, especially when it comes to windsurfing, come to Croatia during the summer to experience Croatian winds and the sea. Croatia is an ideal destination for all those wishing to spend a holiday full of sports and entertainment. The windsurfing season begins as early as May, in style, with an international competition in freestyle windsurfing.
01_plitviceTourist Grabovac is located 8 km from the main entrance to the Plitvice Lakes. It is a complex consisting of the camp, 4* apartments, 4*wooden houses, 3* rooms and restaurant. All buildings are designed and built in the authentic architecture of the Lika region using mostly natural materials. The buildings are beautifully integrated into nature and look like they are in the heart of the forest. Back to nature and relaxing to the sounds of birds and flying butterflies here are very pronounced.

croatia-airlinesCroatia is one of the new most popular destinations in recent years. But after searching many cheap flights to Croatia, you will realize that you have more than enough reasons to visit this beautiful country. With its countless attractions, the word has spread through Europe that Croatia is one of those gems that you just have to visit eventually.

Finally, here is the weekend, the sun is out so one can make a trip in nature and explore old Dalmatian places. This week, Gornja Podstrana was on our program. It is a cute Dalmatian place on the main road from Podstrana on the way to Split, which looks very attractive. When we climbed the winding road, we found a crowd of people gathered outside the church. After the Mass, the traditional Way of the Cross was organized starting from Church of Our Lady of the Rosary heading to the Church of St. George on Vršina. It was nice to see how the local permanent and temporary residents of all ages, and their friends keep the tradition united in song and prayer. Specifically, Way of the Cross to the Church of St. George on Vršina was built in 2009, with the considerable effort and commitment of locals of Podstrana. 


dubrovnik02There are numerous worlds’ destinations for relaxation, adventure and exploration, but have you visited central and south Dalmatia yet? If not, this year is ideal to finally do it. Dubrovnik and Split are well contencted by plane with most European cities, but that is not the only reason that more and more people visit this beautiful place each summer. Guests begin to discover the glamour and historical authenticity of Croatia, which has not succumbed to excessive commercialization of mass tourism.
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