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Dalmatia - World's Number One Destination to Visit in 2013

dubrovnik02There are numerous worlds’ destinations for relaxation, adventure and exploration, but have you visited central and south Dalmatia yet? If not, this year is ideal to finally do it. Dubrovnik and Split are well contencted by plane with most European cities, but that is not the only reason that more and more people visit this beautiful place each summer. Guests begin to discover the glamour and historical authenticity of Croatia, which has not succumbed to excessive commercialization of mass tourism.

This area offers an amazing cultural, architectural and historical treasures just waiting to be discovered, as well as more than 1244 islands, such as Island of Vis, Brač, Elaphite islands, Island of Mljet, Korčula that have not yet been explored, not to mention many entertainment activities, such as sunbathing on beaches of Makarska riviera. Remarkable hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas,  casinos and private aapartments all across Dalmatia ensures the highest possible quality of service with complete discretion. Imagine a party at the beach while the sun dives in the Adriatic horizon, full moon madness and designers’ cocktails sipping by the sea, followed by performances by great DJs.


In the couple of recent year, central and south Dalmatia have become the favorite summer destination for many actors, singers and other celebrities. Generally, this area attracts more tourists each year, and, judging by the excellent recommendations, the good trend will continue this year, too. Delicious local specialties and even better wines of Peninsula Pelješac and island of Hvar are also great reasons to visit this region. Best of all, in this piece of the Mediterranean shore, and you can still get away from the pulsating nightlife. In search of beauty that is not disturbed by noise, you can enjoy the islands with and without a swimsuit, or to explore the interior of islands with endless lavender fields, hills, scenic views, picturesque canyons and abandoned villages.






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