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Zadar - a Gateway to the Past

zadar-dalmatiaZadar is one of the cities which had indeed suffered much throughout history. Built on a former Roman settlement in Dalmatia, it was attacked numerous times by the Ottoman Turks, led by Austrians and it was a part of Italy until 1943 when it was occupied by Hitler's Nazi army.

Fortunately, Zadar was rebuilt each time. It received its last shot in 1991 during the war in Yugoslavia defunct. Croats have rebuilt it every time with a determination worthy of Sisyphus, but it was worth it because the entire historical centre and revamped ancient and medieval ruins have brought fame. Today Zadar is fully revived. Cafes and bars are full almost all the time, museums and art galleries have been refurbished, and tourists can visit both the town and nearby islands (Pag, Dugi Otok) and Biograd.


Also from Zadar, Paklenica National Park can be reached in no time and if time allows, in just one day you can visit Plitvice National Park, one of the most beautiful and stunning natural wonders of the world.







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