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Accommodation in Dubrovnik town
Dubrovnik town private accommodation - Book apartment in Dubrovnik town for Your holidays in Croatia.
dubrovnik_croatia__m1Your stay in the majestic city of Dubrovnik will be most convenient if you choose the right accommodation for the duration of your visit. Your choices of accommodation in Dubrovnik vary from the usual collection of hotels and hostel to the privacy of apartments and even to the nature-oriented camps.

Well, each type of accommodation has each own kind of service to offer and your choice will actually depend much on the level of service that you want and the capacity of your budget. Take a look at each of your option for accommodation in Dubrovnik and decide for yourself.

Naturally your first and usual choice for accommodation in Dubrovnik is offered by its wide array of hotels, hostels and villas. Hotels in Dubrovnik are rated according to the star system and there are plenty of five star hotels scattered across the area that will offer you the most luxurious accommodation in Dubrovnik City.

If you want a little more privacy, you could always book for a private accommodation in Dubrovnik in the form of apartments. You could find a number of these accommodation units in the Old Town and in other areas in the city like in Ploče, Lapad and Gruž.

Finally, the nature enthusiast in you can try out the camps which offer accommodation in Dubrovnik that are more outdoor-oriented.






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