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Rock climbing in Omiš - unforgettable trip with "Avantura" from Split

Omiš Free ClimbingOmiš is a small town located on the Cetina River estuary. The Cetina and its canyon made the town the center of adrenalin tourism on the Adriatic. On a relatively confined space you can enjoy in rafting, canoeing, canyon rafting, trekking, paragliding and free climbing. Most people deem free climbing nuts and a Russian roulette, but those who try to climb a steep cliff only once stay forever attached to the sport. The unique combination of muscles applied while climbing represents an ideal recreation for all those who seek an outdoor sport with plenty of action.


The free climbers climb cliffs using anly their body power and no other aids, except safety applications. Fee doesn't imply reckless and without safety measures, it means without any additional equipment apart from special shoes and magnesium for a better grip.
Omiš features 150 various tracks of different requirements and, as such, is an ideal place for learning and recreational climbing. We wanted to try free climbing first hand, so we drove down to Omiš and, under the professional supervision of Nena and Marin from the Adventures club made our first free climbing steps.


The adventure starts early in the morning or in late afternoon in summer, while in winter climbers set off around noon. After getting together with our guides and a short crash course in equipment and rules, Nena and Marin explain the basics, show us our paths and tell us about the equipment which will safeguard us on the way. Since we are rookies, Nena sets off first, puts the rope in its place and quickly descends. It looks easy enough. We start the ascend ourselves and lose all the fear as w ego. The rope is tight, the instructors hold us on the way and we are proudly making our first climbing steps. Free climbing is safe enough sport although it does not look like one on the photos. The number of accidents is low in comparison with other safely-looking sports. The beauty of this sport lies in freedom, challenging ascends, putting one’s own capabilities in the test, as well as spending time outdoors. It is a physically demanding sport, although it does not look like one at first glance.


We managed to climb 4 different directions in 4 hours on the first day, each climb taking about 10 minutes. Our adventure resulted in sore muscles the next day and in spots we never even realized we had muscles. Free climbing is potentially a dangerous activity. The information contained here is not to be considered as replacement of a proper training, nor do they involve all the situations and potential risks the climbers might face. If you wish to try it out, it would be advisable to take a course in a hiking or climbing clubs that organize them.








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