Iniziale ZipLine Adventure in Omiš, Croatia

ZipLine Adventure in Omiš, Croatia

zipline-omisIt is difficult to agree with oneself and say, "Okay, I'm going to try it." Our friends also had some role in it and we persuaded. My better half was also scared as I was, so it was a little bit easier, I'm not the only one :). The plan was to meet at 8:30 in ZipLine Agency, where we arranged it all and received encouraging stories from funny and friendly team. Afterwards we sat in the van together and drove to the starting point, which is located about 8 km from Omiš. There were ten people, eight of which were terrified novice and two nice and very phlegmatic guides.

The first Zip line is really just a test one - we walked for about five minutes and then starting instructions were explained - how it is used and for what it is used. After the theoretical part, the time has come to practical part, where we all went down to the line, which is about a hundred meters long, and it is high enough for feet to touch the ground. So, you cannot really feel any adrenaline :). We have mastered the basics and continued a few minutes’ walk to the real lines. There were sighs, blows and inarticulate voices, it's all stemmed from fear and the thought of what awaits us.

Ok, this is too much, we knew it was not a joke, but when we looked at the line which is connected with the rock 700 meters away from us, the blood froze in our veins, no matter the fact that the temperature was about 27 degrees. We all pulled away from the platform on which were guides who smiled and tried to encourage us with happy stories and quips. Guides work really relaxed, professional and they inspired us with security, what we really needed in that point. They explained to us what we need to do, what some signs means, how and when to brake ... And this lesson was told later before each following downhill.


One guide stayed with us, while other pushed away himself from us on the line and it looked terrible - we saw him disappear and decrease due to suspension, and we have just started to shake and wanted to call out it all, but that's it, we've come too far to give up. That feeling when you're standing on the platform ready to "take off" is simply indescribable, but when you leave and when you really feel it, when you pass the first 5 seconds, now that's it! Superbly feeling full of adrenalin ... Scurry about 70 km / h, 150 meters above the safe ground ... Oh, it's just indescribable. Reactions of us terrified novice after the first lines were immense happiness for courage, a smile from ear to ear and the confidence that grew on each line out of eight totals.

Each line is interesting and has its own story, but we will not go into detail now, we will let you feel it alone. We recommend that you bring a small backpack with basic things (if you do not, you will receive a backpack to use), and be sure to take water as you will need it in the three hours, which is how long Zipline Adventure in Omiš last. It is recommended for the girl not to wear too short pants, let them be at least halfway between the butt and knees :) - the belt is otherwise a bit uncomfortable if you wear it on bare skin. Do not forget to bring your camera and capture these special moments. One of the line go across the river Cetina, so you can slow or stop and enjoy the beautiful view around and below you, or to capture the moment with your camera if you're brave enough.

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