Iniziale Wind Surfing Destinations in Croatia

Wind Surfing Destinations in Croatia

wind-surfing-croatiaIn recent times, wind surfing in Croatia becomes accessible to all who wish to catch the wave. A great number of water sports lovers, especially when it comes to windsurfing, come to Croatia during the summer to experience Croatian winds and the sea. Croatia is an ideal destination for all those wishing to spend a holiday full of sports and entertainment. The windsurfing season begins as early as May, in style, with an international competition in freestyle windsurfing.

In Croatia, there are stronger south waves that often reach the size of more than two meters, although these will be irregular due to the surge of strong wind. Because some demanding conditions and rocky bottoms, many wind surfing destination Croatia are ideal for advanced wind surfers.

Brač Island - Brač Island is an ideal destination for lovers of windsurfing but also for all those who might have for the first time wanted to try this attractive discipline. Maestral wind in Bol, south of Supetar and somewhat demanding Bora in Povlja will attract both amateurs and experienced windsurfers. You can rent the apartments on Brač Island to experience all these great wind surfing destination on Brač

Krk Island - Places to surf on the island of Krk are Punat and Baska. In Baska, you can expect wind surfing in Bora, if you do not mind large waves and crowds on the beach. Punat is located in a bay so the waves are smaller, so they are excellent for the beginners.


- Preluk Bay is a place near Opatija where thermal north wind blows over night, so conditions for wind surfing are ideal early in the morning and these stops an hour or two after sunrises. Morning scenes in Preluk are magical – you can wind surf and have a great view at Volosko and Učku.

Pelješac - Korčula channel between the peninsula of Pelješac and the island of Korčula is ideal wind surfing destination Croatia. The most popular surf spot on Pelješac is Viganj. Nearby there are a few nice parks, and the place is very picturesque. On the other side of the canal, crowds are smaller even the conditions for wind surfing are the same. Rent some of the apartments on Pelješac to completely enjoy your active vacation. 

Medulin - Favorable winds that blow in Premantura offer the opportunity for a variety of water sports during the summer and late fall, and especially for the wind surfing in Croatia. Most of Croatian wind surfing spots are located in Istria, where the waves rise up to four meters.

Rabac - Ravni is located on the eastern coast of Istria, near Labin. It is extremely popular with Slovenian wind-surfers. Mistral is much stronger than in the areas, and nearby there are also great spots if you want to surf with Bora and south wind. The sea is crystal clear, so Ravni is popular among divers, too.

Nin - Sandy beach in Nin provide ideal conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing. The main requirement is that there is enough wind. The most frequent wind in the summer is light to moderate mistral, which is excellent for both beginners and advanced surfers.






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