Iniziale Beaches on the Island of Čiovo, Croatia

Beaches on the Island of Čiovo, Croatia

On the island of Čiovo, you can find many kinds of beaches, from sandy beaches to rocky ones, from some very popular and others totally deserted. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Čiovo is Saldun Beach located about three kilometres from the beautiful town of Trogir.

You can enjoy all kinds of both daytime and night activities, such as doing water sports, dancing at beach bars and eating in great restaurants. You also have the option of hiking along the beaches to find numerous very quiet coves and inlets located along the coast, which gives us the option to enjoy a much more sedate vacation and to be away from the crowd.

You can find completely deserted coves just for you that can be reached only on foot or by boat. There are boats for rent on Saldun Beach on Čiovo. One of these coves has gained popularity and it is called Mavaršcica Cove. This tiny pebble beach is surrounded by pine trees. You can see the area around with isolated houses and private accommodation on the island of Čiovo that can be rented and points where you can practice naturism. For those who are really looking for peace and quiet, you can rent a boat and make a boat trip to some of really lovely deserted beaches.







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