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Active holidays in Omiš: Rafting on the Cetina river

thumb_dscf3569The Cetina is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Croatia. Given the specific composition of the soil, the river produced deep, breathtaking canyons. The Cetina springs in the homonymous village near Vrlika, flows for 105 km to end in a long estuary in Omis. The colorful scenery and untouched nature have attracted a large number of rafting tourists who come to this area in order to feel and enjoy the benefits of the Cetina and its nature.

Rafting is well organized and it can be arranged with many agencies in this area. The starting point of all rafting adventures is in the famous resort called "Radman's mills," which is also the final point of downstream rafting excursions. At this location, we are greeted by Srećko – the "Cetina Raft", agency manager. He introduces us to the basic rules of what can be taken on the river and what kind of clothes and shoes we need. We leave Radman's mills, and travel by van towards the village of Slime where we start our rafting adventure. Srećko gives us further instructions and tells us something about the history of this region since the beginning of “ Poljička Republic“.


Arriving in Slime on rafting start, we are greeted by Mario who will be our skipper. Fresh up with the juice, put the things we need in a waterproof container, put on our jackets and helmets and the adventure can begin. We are helping Mario to bring the boat up the river, and with the basic instructions, we jump onboard.

Rafting on Cetina river river is about 12 km long, and is rated with grade 2, which means it is fairly easy and children can try it, too. A pleasant adventure lasts about  3-4 hours, depending on how the team decides to paddle, or want to enjoy nature.


The Cetina river is mostly calm in the first part of the rafting route, so we can experience the beauty of the river, see many animals which live in it and prepare for the parts that are more demanding for rowing. Mario introduces the basic commands he will give us, in order to master the demanding parts better. Everyone's favorite command was "the bomb", which meant that we all have to jump into the boat and watch how Mario takes us out of the fast current.


Many rafters who compete in rowing speed with other boats pass us by, while we chose the easier path and often stop to take photos or go swimming. The Cetina is ideal for swimming in this time of year. At the start of the rafting, the temperature is between 18-20 degrees, which is great for cooling, especially for those who claim the sea too warm for swimming. On our way we meet the local people from surrounding villages who also come to the river to cool down. They sit in the river and are provoking rafters who are trying their best to paddle.


The first part of the trail is full of quieter places for swimming and sightseeing, so we stop in a few places and get freshened up. Our host leads us to a rich flora and fauna, and other than ducks, grebes and beautiful butterflies to reach the group of donkeys, which welcomes the rafters.


Passing fast currents and several more demanding parts, we arrive at the "Studenci" waterfall which we can enter by boat and feel the cold spring water. Since the temperature of the Cetina falls about 5 degrees, more courage is needed for swimming now. On our way we reach the cave, a dangerous part too narrow to pass with a boat filled with rafters, so we have to get out and walk a little, in order to pass this part.


As this rafting is for the general public and tourists visiting the river, we stop at the part called "Tisne stine" where the rocks within the canyon are 5 meters above the water. Here all the excursions stop and admire the brave jumpers who compete in jumps for applause. The famous movie "Winettou" was shot here and celebrated the landscape. Many tourists later went on the road where they filmed the most famous scene from the movie. An official photographer follows us all the way and in his fast kayak easily overcomes the more demanding parts in order to take shots from different and unusual angles.



The pleasant ride came to an end and we have to overcome several fast currents including the popular "Z" and "Javornica".
Successful mastering these and several other smaller fast currents, we come to the last peaceful part where we can see the resort and restaurant, "Radman's mills." The final point of our trip and the place where we draw the boat out of the water is located right next to the restaurant. We put on our dry clothes after 3 hours of swimming and splashing.
Here we can buy a CD with our pictures that are already ready and bid farewell to the host who promises to meet us again on the beautiful Cetina.


Thanks to the team from the "Cetina Raft"agency who made this trip possible and were available for all the information, we were able to create this photo-reportage about rafting, one of the favorite adventures for many tourists on the Omišk riviera.







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